Adapting A Winner’s Mindset (with Amer Bally) – Episode 60

Posted March 23, 2021


Michigan Broker Owner Amer Bally’s most important principle to success is Authenticity. Customers know when they’re being sold to, and they don’t like it. Be up front, be straightforward, and be yourself. 

The client is the be-all end-all for Amer, to the point that he diverts his time and money away from social media and realtor referrals, and has put it all towards the client relationship. Relationship being the key word. It’s not just about their experience from application to close. It’s about the long-term benefits, for both Amer and the borrower. As a part of his 5 yearly touchpoints with each consumer, Amer sends out letters thanking them all for trusting him and his team with such an important part of their lives. “Treat every client like they are your first” Amer shares. It’s easy to get comfortable in this business and to forget the importance of each and every person you interact with. 

Amer attributes his success to having a winner’s mindset. With some small mentoring from UWM President & CEO Mat Ishbia early in his career, Amer built the drive and confidence to outwork everyone. But he also makes it clear to not get caught up comparing yourself to others. You don’t need to close the most loans to be a winner. As long as you are happy and doing right by the consumer, everybody wins. 

Show Notes: 

  • Intro To Wholesale Channel (1:24)
  • Volume vs Margin (5:38)
  • A Winner’s Mindset (21:20)
  • Staying Top Of Mind With Clients (36:24)
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