Educating & Building Trust With Consumers (with Arlicia Jones) – Episode 46

Posted October 13, 2020

Real Estate Agent turned Mortgage Broker Arlicia Jones holds the ability to build trust above all others. With a brokerage based almost entirely on referrals, Arlicia has built a business around making relationships that matter. She not only argues that cultivating successful relationships is the most important part of the job but it’s the sole factor that will keep the wholesale channel relevant through an automated and tech-heavy future. 

Arlicia calls every prospective client herself, making sure to educate and set expectations. Her job is not just to sell a product to a customer, but to teach a new homeowner how to build generational wealth. Her goal is not to move from person to person racking up loans, but to make connections that she considers family. 

Not that she ignores tech either. Having chiseled away at multiple different products, Arlicia has found her favorite Brokers Are Better Network vendors that fit her business model best. She uses Floify, Shape, LendingPad, and leadPops to not just stay top of mind with her borrowers, but to also streamline her entire loan process, allowing her time to focus on growing her brokerage. 

Arlicia also likes her weekends, prioritizing spending time with her children and enjoying the peace that comes with a proper work/life balance. Still setting proper expectations, she sends out a weekly end-of-week email wishing all of her borrowers a good weekend. She will put fires out if need be, but over the years has learned that not all problems are fires and many can wait till the next day. 

A teacher through and through, Arlicia works hard to simplify the complicated loan process for her clients. Join Arlicia and JP as they discuss their similar business practices, their techniques to secure a proper work-life balance, and the importance of becoming a true mortgage advisor. 

Show Notes: 

  • Journey Into the Industry (00:30)
  • How to Become A True Advisor (6:28)
  • How to Choose The Best Tech For Your Business (12:45)
  • Growth & Setting Goals (16:57)
  • Perfecting a Work/Life Balance (23:12)
  • The Future of the Industry (32:18)
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