Recruiting, Training, & Retaining LO’s & Customers (with Pablo Martinez) – Episode 54

Posted February 9, 2021

As AIME President Marc Summers puts it, top Broker/Owner Pablo Martinez keeps it simple. He looks for good people and retains them by giving them the service and support they need. This leads to a better client experience, creates a referral source, and in turn, becomes the catalyst for growth.

Pablo’s success is undeniable. The Equity Smart Home Loans leader has over 20 years of experience and survived the crash of ‘08. His Brokerage just closed 2,528 units last year, bringing in a total of $1,028,000,000. Now, not every broker or brokerage needs or even wants 120+ Loan Officers, but Pablo knows that growth comes in many sizes, and at the end of the day, any kind of growth can lead to more wealth for more families and potential homeowners. 

Pablo’s biggest hurdle in finding success? Letting go, delegating, and learning to trust his team. This is a slow and arduous process and requires a lot of patience, but in the end, everyone wins. Pablo suggests strengthening the base of your success and creating a plan before making any hiring decisions. But once it’s time to recruit, reach for the stars. While this is easier said than done, Pablo recommends creating the ultimate workplace. This includes a multilevel support system, a strong culture, and sky high goals. 

Equity Smart Home Loans LO’s each have their own mini eco-systems. Pablo lets each broker do what they do best, but supports them by providing tools and accessories. He gives them multiple CRM options, utilizes free training programs, like UWM’s success track or MGIC’s webinars, and has a large admin support staff. Most of the 120+ Loan Officers at Equity Smart Home Loans work from home, but the 20+ in-house staff members Pablo hires work exclusively as broker admin support. This includes skilled processors, book-keepers, I.T. support, and even social media experts. All new onboardees are assigned a “Success Specialist.” A Success Specialist usually oversees the first three to five loans a new Equity Smart Home Loans Broker works on, and goes through a thorough checklist of skills the Broker has to execute successfully before the Specialist can move onto the next Broker. 

Marc loves to say that there are a thousand ways to succeed in this business, and Pablo Martinez gives insight and helpful tips to Broker/Owners and LO’s at any and all stages of their success. But the one thing Pablo petitions against is chasing money. It’s the experience you provide for your clients and your staff that leads to riches, he shares, whether through financial success or personal happiness. 

Show Notes: 

  • Intro Into the Wholesale Channel (1:28)
  • Customer Retention (13:54)
  • Recruitment (26:46)
  • Training (34:29)
  • One piece of Advice (40:56)
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