Working 9-to-5 vs Start-To-Finish: How To Turn Referrals Into Relationships (with Nike Ojo) – Episode 77

Posted July 20, 2021

Nike Ojo loves to create relationships. Whether it’s with borrowers or realtors or builders, relationships are at the heart of her brokerage. “I love to create and maintain relationships. I love to celebrate people”, Ojo said. That mindset has helped her grow a mortgage business that is almost entirely referral-based.

Originally from Nigeria, Nike started working as a deputy tax clerk for the local county, while her husband worked as a realtor. She noticed how difficult it was for her husband to get updates on his clients’ loans. Noticing that gap, Nike decided to become a loan officer. She initially started the role part-time, but as the business grew and got busier, she transitioned to full-time in 2003. 

Now with over 19 years in the mortgage industry, Nike has built a business that is 95% referral-based. She credits her large referral business to the way she treats clients. That starts with finding out who the client is and what they expect from her and extends to go above and beyond for them. “I don’t work from 9 to 5, I work from start to finish,” Nike said. She also adheres to a strict “every call and email must be answered in three hours” rule. If she ever misses that three-hour window, she makes sure to have the correct answer to the client’s question. 

Continuing her relationship building, Nike is an active member of her community hosting food drives and supporting small businesses. In 2020, she held two separate food drives that served over 600 families in her local community. She also uses her Instagram, where she’s built up a major following, to highlight and promote small businesses in her community. Nike is also an active member of the Women’s Mortgage Network. Building bonds and finding value with people she’s only known online, Nike wants brokers to know that communities are not just limited to your surrounding geographical area. We take part in many communities, and it’s important to not forget to interact and provide value for them all. You get out what you put in.

Nike’s parting advice “Just be yourself, find your niche. Focus on what you’re good at.” 


  • Getting into Mortgage (1:38)
  • Relationship Philosophy (5:10)
  • Handling Unconventional & Difficult Loans (11:55)
  • Staying Top-Of-Mind with Clients (15:36)
  • Building Relationships with Builders (18:29)
  • Supporting Your Local Community (22:50)
  • Women’s Mortgage Network (25:11)
  • Parting Advice (32:01)

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