We’re Farmers, Not Hunters – How to Become a Client’s Lender for Life (With David Kakish) – Episode 182

Posted November 28, 2023

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In this episode, host Marc Summers refines his outlook, updates his business model, and streamlines his processes & procedures as he’s joined by David Kakish, Producing Branch Manager at C2 Financial.

David hasn’t been a broker for long, having started just last year; but his 15+ years as a pastor with a knack for finance proved to be an invaluable background for a career that is already making big splashes in the wholesale industry.

David has masterfully broken down how to streamline your operations based on your strengths and niche, how to make yourself available to clients both old & new through smart shortcuts and clever automations, and how genuinely doing the right thing by your clients, even when at what seems like a loss at the time, leads to long-lasting relationships. 

David is a master of breaking down all-encompassing concepts and outlooks into granular, easy-to-identify steps: “Think of three adjectives that you want people to think of when they describe your business. The way you do your work, the way you communicate, your messaging, your content, and all communications. Pick three. And then filter everything you do through those three. Consider statements like ‘I’m going to save you money’, or do you want to be the education guy? Do you want to be the niche expert? You can’t be or do it all. So, what are the three things you want to be known for? Keep that on the forefront and let those be the filter. You shoot bullets before cannonballs. I’ve tested everything. I’m watching everything, looking for feedback mechanisms. Is this getting views? Is that getting traction? And so you shoot bullets, and when you find something that rips holes consistently, that’s when you fire your cannonballs.”

Key Points:

2:03 – The Transition from Pastor to Broker

8:05 – Offensively Coordinated Processes & Procedures

11:14 – Automating New Leads into Your Pipeline

18:18 – Marketing & Communication

24:22 – Doing the Good you Ought to Do

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