Tackling Tough Mortgage Cycles with Collaborative Leadership (with Dale Vermillion and Katie Sweeney) – Episode 136

Posted November 1, 2022

On this special edition episode of Broker to Broker, guest host Katie Sweeney, CEO of AIME, sits down with the Founder and CEO of Mortgage Champions, Dale Vermillion.

The two discuss the evolution of leadership in a variety of market cycles and the need for a collaborative mindset. From Dale’s humble beginnings selling pots and pans to becoming a leadership and sales expert with 30 years of experience, he shares his journey into mortgage and his recipes for success.

They dive into the biggest challenge facing the mortgage broker channel – the rising rate environment. Sweeney notes that “this environment is where people are going to win – this is the market where people are going to grow.” Vermillion agrees and challenges that now is the time for loan originators to shift from a volume market to a conversion market and doubles down that brokers need to learn how to sell more effectively in this climate.

Vermillion leaves the audience with a strong message to focus on “others first,” instilling his mantra that giving back to others is our duty, both in business and life.

Key Points:

1:52 Getting Started in the Mortgage Industry

4:32 Evolving Leadership with Market Cycles

16:23 Mindset Shifts for Tough Market Climates

24:32 Selling for a Conversion Market

32:30 Importance of Giving Back

This episode is sponsored by Guaranty Home Mortgage

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