Reality TV, TikTok, & Marketing To The Masses: Scaling The Ladder To Independence (With Dario Medrano) – Episode 120

Posted June 14, 2022

We are joined this week by Dario Medrano, Broker/Owner of Home Field Lending in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Medrano has enjoyed tremendous success, excelling as both a broker and a mortgage content creator. His TikTok videos regularly accrue thousands of views, with rookie and veteran brokers alike seeking out his insights. Dario and Marc also discuss that while homeowners of the future all have eyes on TikTok, the real value proposition currently comes from its recruiting power, which is especially beneficial for Dario’s growth-first mindset. 

A former D1 baseball player, Dario starred on the popular reality TV show, “The Challenge.” Looking to turn his fledgling personal brand into a career, he moved to LA to pursue real estate. Working for a large retail shop proved unfulfilling, with little guidance and few leads. 

A change to Bank of America provided the opportunity to start working with real clients and authoring deals. In 2017, Dario attended an AIME conference, where he saw Mat Ishbia speak.

“I still have his business card in my wallet,” Medrano says. “I never looked back.” 

Medrano started his own shop from the ground up, committing fully to the wholesale channel. He was attracted to the self-starting, entrepreneurial lifestyle of a wholesale broker. To him, independence is the key to scalability. He stresses that starting from scratch might seem daunting, but that it’s more than possible with the right mindset and help from AIME. “There are guardrails up,” he says. “I knew nothing when I first started.” 

Now, he gets “3 to 4 emails a day” from loan officers looking to join his growing company. He has refined his process and believes that letting green brokers learn on the job is crucial to their success. Dario’s goal is to grow his company and achieve massive impact. The key, he says, is an influx of talent. “From day one, I wanted to scale,” he says. “The only way we’re going to grow as a channel is if somebody can give these guys an opportunity.” He wants prospective brokers to know that success is well within reach if they’re willing to work for it. “You can be a loan officer and overnight have a legitimate asset – not just a cell phone with a couple realtors in it. 

Tune in for Dario’s expert advice on how to develop your personal brand and create engaging content. Authenticity, he says, is the deciding factor. People don’t want advice on how to be a broker – they want to know what it’s like to be a broker. Let your true self shine through, and success is sure to follow.  

(2:32) – Entrance into the Industry 

(8:10) – Getting Guidance

(12:42) – Creating Compelling Content

(21:30) – Onboarding and Developing Green Brokers

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