National Mortgage Brokers Day 2022 (with Katie Sweeney and Brendan McKay) – Episode 125

Posted July 19, 2022

This week’s episode is a very special one – Broker-To-Broker host and AIME President of Membership Marc Summers is joined by AIME’s CEO Katie Sweeney and President of Advocacy Brendan McKay. It’s also National Mortgage Brokers Day (or is it week?) – so the three share their tips for celebrating the broker channel and getting the good word out there. 

“National Mortgage Brokers Day is not just a day, but really an entire week -and we’ve grown it into a month – of education. Educating the consumer about the benefits of working with a broker, educating the industry about all the great things the broker channel is doing and its impact on communities, but also educating each other to be better at our craft,” says Katie. 

Education is at the forefront of the AIME CEO’s vision for the month – she says that the goal is not just to tell people that brokers are better, but to show them why. 

For Brendan Mckay, education is key to seeing brokers return to the 70% market share they held before the 2008 financial crisis. “Mortgage broker became a dirty word,” he says. To him, this year’s National Mortgage Brokers Day represents the culmination of five years of work to turn that around. 

“I was there in ‘08, ‘09, and it was scary,” Marc Summers chimes in. “We didn’t have a voice. Now, I know we have AIME itself, and a community surrounding it that’s working to make things better.” 

Of course, this year’s NMBD also sees the launch of AIME’s most important initiative to date – the BACPAC. This political action committee enables AIME’s members to make their voices heard on capitol hill and directly affect policy decisions. It is an unprecedented step for the broker channel, and is a massive win for the nation’s independent brokers. The three discuss making BACPAC a possibility, its impact on the industry, and what the future holds for AIME. 

This week also features the release of a powerful educational tool for AIME’s members with the introduction of AIME Academy. This online platform will provide educational support for everyone from aspiring LOAs to seasoned brokers, as well as special product certification for VA, FHA, Self-employed borrowers, and more. “Until we get back to 50% market share, we have a lot of stories to tell and education to put forward,” says Katie. Resources, including shareable templates and social media profile pictures, are also available for members starting today. Now, let’s go celebrate! 


What is NMBD? – 2:00 

Why is NMBD important to you? – 4:25

The importance of education – 6:25 

BACPAC Announcement – 7:05

The importance of BACPAC – 11:00

Training course announcement – 15:00 

How to celebrate and spread the word – 22:00 

Closing remarks – 25:00 

This Episode Is Sponsored By National Mortgage Brokers Day

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