Episode 173: Repurposing the Wheel: Easy Steps to Grow Your Audience, Network, and Mortgage Business

Posted September 12, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers receives a full education in overhauling a brokerage for 2023 and beyond, as he’s joined by Broker Owner of Fulcrum Home Loans, Braiden Shaw.

If you’re looking to grow or scale your audience, your network, and your business, this is a must-listen episode. Braiden has maximized his business by itemizing his processes and optimizing his tech stack. He’s grown his social media presence by nearly 3,000%. He’s found a system to go viral with his video content. And he’s grown and scaled his brokerage towards a volume approaching nearly 700 million this year. Braiden breaks down how he’s done it all, with comprehensive instructions on how to do all of this with your own business.

Braiden shares his process and goals with each of his successful endeavors throughout this episode; starting with how he found and grew a massive organic audience for his content:  

“People don’t care about mortgages except for every 4 – 7 years when they buy a home. They’ll consume media around mortgages for two weeks, and then they’re out again. The people that are consuming are other mortgage people. That wasn’t the demographic I was going for. So, I create around net-worth, business ownership, and tax reduction strategies. It’s worked well. There’s also so much luck in this. The more that I produce on social media, the more I realize there’s an algorithm that none of us understand and it pushes only certain videos. I’ll create a video that I think is phenomenal, we’ll get 10,000 views. I put out a video that I think is fine, and I’ll get 2 million views. It’s so hard to predict. You just have to be in the game; the more videos you’re putting out there, the more chances you have of one taking off and going viral. You can’t predict what’s going to go viral. But if you’re playing the game enough, eventually you’ll get rewarded.”

Key Points:

4:13 – From 4,000 to 110,000+ Followers on Social Media

8:56 – Video Production Strategy, Recontextualizing What’s Viral

10:53 – Optimizing your Tech Stack 

17:08 – The Importance of Defining Your Process & Delegation Steps

19:55 – The Client vs. Real Estate Agent Experience

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