Episode 170: Advising & Building Relationships for a Seamless Mortgage Pipeline w/ Dante Royster

Posted August 8, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by Broker Owner of Epic Mortgage, Dante Royster.

Dante has been in the wholesale mortgage business for over two decades; starting in 2002, he quickly became a manager of his very own branch before age 25. The key to his quick success and longevity? Building and maintaining the relationships that matter. 

Dante breaks down the relationships he focuses on building: his team and his network. Maintaining strong relationships with both has led to an exceptional customer experience, as his services have been honed into as smooth, and as all-encompassing an experience as possible, because he can rely on his team and network as much as they can rely on him.

Dante breaks down his entire process for his clients and what to consider to set himself and his network up for success::

“For clients, the first call is just initial, and answering questions. You’re listening to the consumer. They’re usually nervous and have questions. Allow them to speak and ask basic questions. Then, the second consultation. You really get into digging deeper on what’s the monthly mortgage payment they feel comfortable with. Consider their finances and if this is the right market this year for them to buy. Both of us will come away from that call with that understanding. I have to make it work on the front end, so we can make it easier on the back end; often what happens if you’re lazy on the front end, then going to a realtor with an unsure buyer with a pre-approval. Now my name’s attached, and it doesn’t go through. Then, the realtor doesn’t feel comfortable with sending out that next referral to me. The realtor needs to know, when I give a preapproval, it is as good as gold.”

Key Points:

2:49 – Getting Started, and the Refi Market

8:24 – Starting Out in 2002, Becoming a Notably Young Branch Manager

15:06 – The Sports & Team Influence on Running a Brokerage

18:57 – The Seamless Pipeline, from Pre-Approval to Closing

24:16 Taking the Extra Step for Your Clients

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