The Laws of Success in the Mortgage Broker Industry (with Jeremy Harridath) – Episode 1

Posted October 30, 2019
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Description: Jeremy Harridath, owner of PEACE Home Lending, discusses the importance of keeping clients’ needs a top priority, positivity and the ideal work-life balance with our host, JP Hussey. How should we be treating our clients? How do you develop the perfect balance between work and play? Harridath goes in-depth answering these questions, and discussing the key elements to his success as an independent mortgage broker. Tune in to benefit from his advice on making your brokerage better than before.

Show Notes:

Things you will learn in this episode: 

  • Working for the client (7:33) 
  • Why Jeremy Got Into the Broker Channel (9:35) 
  • Steps to Setting Up Your Own Business (20:14) 
  • Compliance & Auditing (30:09) 
  • Reactionary vs. Structured Day (32:56) 
  • Culture & Family-Life Balance (36:25) 
  • Branding (45:09)