How Independent Mortgage Brokers Can Lean on the Community for Success, Leads, and Market Growth (With JP Hussey and Marc Summers) – Special Episode 100

Posted January 25, 2022

Marc Summers and JP Hussey, host of Broker To Broker Season 1 and co-host of Season 3, celebrate the 100th episode of Broker to Broker. In this special podcast, Marc and JP review favorite perspectives and success systems from independent mortgage professionals. 

JP Hussey credits each guest for the advice and knowledge shared that helped grow the Hussey Team from just himself and his brother to a small broker shop. Marc is grateful for the Broker Owners who are willing to share their expertise in the wholesale channel. Favorite key takeaways from Broker To Broker include building a lead and referral base through YouTube, time management, organization that top originators apply each day in the mortgage industry, and how you can best serve and impact your local community. 

What will 2022 and Season 3 bring to the table? Guests will tap into how they plan to evolve in the ever-changing mortgage business. “It’s a changing market, and we’re in another one of those cycles,” says JP Hussey. It’s time to become more focused on the purchase game. Brokers “gotta get more creative with marketing, and help as many consumers the right way as possible,” notes Hussey. Marc Summers asserts, “If you’re a transaction person, you’re not going to last. But if you have that longevity to it, with a borrower for life mentality, you’re going to be fine.” 

With currently 25% share in the mortgage market, will wholesale take over banks in five to ten years? JP Hussey predicts big time. “Small business is coming back, big, everywhere,” says Hussey. “Consumers are supporting them more in local communities, and that’s who the consumer wants. Brokers are now held to more compliance and need to be transparent. So, I think the broker channel will grow by 50% within the next three years.”

Independent mortgage experts can gain a wealth of skillsets by tapping into the Brokers Are Better Facebook Group and opening an AIME Member Portal account. “Don’t be afraid to take from it, and don’t be afraid to give back to it,” says Marc Summers. JP Hussey thanks the group for saving loans and scenarios; it’s even allowed his team to pre-underwrite files. “You learn something new constantly,” Hussey adds. “Invest in this; it’s a great starting point to have people support you in a very, very tough industry.”

Listen now to find out the common traits top producers have, mortgage loan originators should be doing right now, how to keep team production moving during rising rates, and how to fully contribute to your local community as an independent mortgage professional.


  • 0:55: Intro
  • 3:37: JP and Marc’s Favorite Broker To Broker Moments
  • 12:10: Biggest Takeaways
  • 14:39: What Will Season 3 Include?
  • 18:28: The Future of the Broker Channel
  • 22:39: Join the Brokers Are Better Facebook Group and AMP
  • 29:00: Questions from the Broker Community

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