YouTube 101: How To Forge Trust & Build An Automated Referral Funnel At The Same Time (with Shawn Malkou) – Episode 94

Posted November 30, 2021

Arizona Broker/Owner Shawn Malkou is a professional YouTuber with tens of millions of views. Making six figures from YouTube before even graduating college, Shawn has years of experience to share. Shawn discusses how video marketing can enhance the background of your existing clients and help you develop a special bond with potential referrals before ever shaking hands or picking up the phone.

Starting out making and streaming video walkthroughs for children’s games such as Minecraft and Roblox, Shawn graduated college with a career, but he didn’t want to do that for the rest of his life. After being recruited while coaching beach volleyball part-time, Shawn brought his passion and knowledge for YouTube to the mortgage wholesale industry. 

YouTube is an incredible tool at a mortgage broker’s disposal, but few have unlocked its true potential like Shawn. Just like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube can bring new eyes to your product. Still, unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is the perfect place to build better relationships with your current customers as well. “Everyone tries to do it backward. They start YouTube to try and get business when that’s the opposite. You want to start YouTube to improve your existing business.”

Home loans are a confusing and intricate process. Whenever a borrower asks a question or seems confused, write it down and make a video about it. Shawn has produced videos such as “What does this mean on an LE?”, “What does the trade cooling-off period mean?” and “What’s APR?”.  Some parts of the process cannot be explained over the phone or translated well through email. Shawn will save hours by having ready-to-go videos available for clients past, present, and future to avoid meeting in person for one-on-one walkthroughs.

Shawn also shares tips for those reluctant or stressed about getting the video gear or being comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t worry about looking silly or the equipment; just focus on the content. Go out to help people, and success will follow. “YouTube is where people come to learn,” Shawn says. 

As long as the content is educational, it doesn’t matter how long your video is. It can take years to get entirely comfortable in front of the camera, so try and focus on getting a little bit better every day. Ask friends, family, and clients what they liked or didn’t like about a particular video, and make adjustments for the next effort down the line. Eventually, you’ll have an entire catalog of content that acts as an organic referral funnel. Clients will share with their friends and family how beneficial your YouTube videos were during their experience, and potential homeowners will find your content and go out of their way to seek you out. 

The bottom line, YouTube is just another way to show why Brokers Are Better. You get to lean into your individuality and build a bond with homeowners that they can’t get with big bank call centers. YouTube can be an automated marketing tool that bolsters every aspect of your business; however, it requires the same care and respect as processes, procedures, and pipeline management.  And while it can be easy to get overwhelmed, Shawn suggests keeping it simple. “Take your phone, turn it sideways, hit the record button, and you’re going to get phenomenal videos people are going to watch on YouTube.”


  • Intro to The Wholesale Channell (2:08)
  • YouTube 101 (5:15)
  • Coming Up With Content (8:30)
  • Camera Equipment & Editing (12:02)
  • Metrics & Goals (21:36)
  • Advice (29:14)

This episode is sponsored by Homepoint Financial.

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