Why Mortgage Brokers Need To Believe In, & Bet On, Themselves (With Danny Calderon) – Episode 113

Posted April 26, 2022

California Mortgage Broker Danny Calderon is the first Spark Grant recipient we’ve had on the podcast. After almost ten years in retail, Danny made the jump to work for himself. With the support of AIME, Spark, and the Brokers Are Better Network and Facebook Group, Danny is more than set up to succeed during this rising interest rate environment. 

After attending an AIME Fuse event, Danny realized that Wholesale was the place to be. While in retail, Danny started questioning things when he had to keep declining loans he knew he could get done with a little more time and energy. As a broker, he knew he would gain the options to be able to help every family get their home, but it wasn’t until he saw the support the broker channel now has thanks to the Association of Independent Mortgage Brokers. 

He has taken advantage of the Brokers Are Better Network to claim exclusive discounts on top-tier products to create a simple but effective tech stack (remember, the best tech stack is the one you use). Whenever he gets caught up during a tricky loan scenario, he posts in the Brokers Are Better Facebook group and an army of mortgage brokers and loan officers are there to offer their help and expertise. 

Danny’s favorite change from transitioning from retail-to-wholesale? He loves being able to actually advise and educate his clients. Instead of just passing on FHA loans like his previous retail banks would have preferred, Danny now has the ability to sit down with a family, learn their needs and wants and struggles, and then curate a customized loan that will work perfectly for them. He can walk a Gen Z, first-time homebuyer through the process using just texts or he can sit down face-to-face with a retiring investor who has an entire portfolio of real estate investments. And at the end of it, Danny can rest happy knowing he was able to shop multiple programs with multiple lenders to find the perfect personalized loan for each individual client.   

So whether Danny is working with an FHA or Jumbo loan, he knows he doesn’t have to turn anyone away. His tech stack is set up for speed so he can spend less time on the back-end and more time working with the consumer and making sure they have the perfect experience. And if a scenario ever crosses his desk that he doesn’t feel he is an expert in, Danny knows he has an entire network of mortgage experts through which he can confidently refer clients. Danny’s parting advice? Do the right thing and the right thing will happen to you. 


Introduction (1:00)

Being A Mortgage Advisor (14:40)

Tech Stack Breakdown (22:14)

Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (29:00) 

Perfecting A Work/Life Balance (33:35)

This Episode Is Sponsored By The AIME Spark Small Business Grant Progam

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