Why Attending AIME Events Will Help You Grow As A Mortgage Broker

Posted August 10, 2021
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AIME events offer brokers unrivaled value. Attendees have the opportunity to network with thousands of their peers, experience hours of exclusive content tailored for mortgage brokers, and attend keynotes from influential speakers and industry experts. 

AIME events are the only mortgage industry event tailored to supporting wholesale mortgage brokers. Unlike events from other mortgage industry organizations, AIME’s events are exclusively attended by mortgage brokers and feature panels and working sessions created for brokers. 

Experience the Power of the Broker Community at AIME Fuse 

Claire Mahoney, Vice President of Mortgage First Corp. has been attending AIME Fuse since the first event back in 2018. Up until then, she and her dad, with whom she works, attended conferences from other mortgage industry organizations. 

The quality of the events always fluctuated and often the attendees were not brokers. Mahoney was instantly struck by how broker-focused AIME’s events were compared to other mortgage events. 

“Once I started going to AIME events, I noticed the content was so much better and everyone there were brokers,” Mahoney said. “It felt good to be surrounded by people that understood and believed in the broker model.”

Mahoney also found herself walking away from AIME events with more actionable items to improve her brokerage and better connections than other conferences. Other industry events sometimes ended up as glorified vendor and lender commercials, but AIME’s event left her feeling energized and with a long list of action items she wanted to implement at her brokerage. 

AIME Fuse 2021 is set for September 24 and 25 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Make sure to lock in your Fuse 2021 ticket and book your hotel room before they’re gone! This year’s event features keynote speeches from Molly Bloom, Magic Johnson, Simon Sinek as well as more than 15 hours of exclusive content tailored for mortgage brokers.

Unite With A Common Purpose at The WMN Summit

Amoretta “Moe” Hernandez attended the first Women’s Mortgage Network summit at Activate in 2020.  She walked away from the first WMN summit feeling energized and empowered, but also with an action plan for her brokerage. By the time she returned to her home in Arizona, COVID-19 had forced much of the U.S. to shut down. 

The connections Hernandez made at the summit helped her handle the increased business that came in 2020 while keeping her purchase business above her refinance business. The connections she made and the educational sessions she attended during the WMN summit played a crucial role in her successful 2020. 

I’m super proud that my purchase business percentage was still higher than my reified percentage even though my numbers were higher quarter after quarter last year,” Hernandez said. “To me, that success is very indicative of the learning that I got at the WMN summit.”

AIME is hosting another WMN Summit this year at AIME Fuse 2021! Any woman interested in going can get their tickets on the AIME’s website. The Summit will include a half-day networking seminar that includes brunch, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with other women in the wholesale mortgage industry. 

Makeover Your Marketing Mindset at AIME Activate/Marketing Makeover 

Lisa Lund, a mortgage broker with Lund Mortgage Team has been an active member of the brokers are better movement since AIME was launched close to 4 years ago. Along with attending events like Fuse and the WMN Lund attests to the unparalleled opportunities AIME events provide to improve your skillset and network with like-minded professionals.

During Activate, AIME partner leadPops held a marketing makeover event where they demonstrated the power of theory services. For Lund, that meant showing the before and after versions of her brokerage’s website. 

Andrew Pawlak, CEO of leadPops, highlighted areas where Lund’s original website could be more engaging or where she was missing the easy conversions. Then they showed the improved website.

“We showed the improved version of the website and everyone in the whole room was shocked at the difference,” Lund said. “In this industry, we’re so busy with mortgages, we sometimes forget about marketing ourselves and how important your website can be for that.” 

Within the first few months, Lund saw a 600% increase in website engagement. For a brokerage that drives much of its business with direct-to-consumer marketing, that was a major boon. 

Lund Mortgage Team has run radio ads for the past 20 years and as well as social media advertising. With an improved website, Lund is able to convert more of the leads that advertising draws while subsequently drawing more organic traffic to her website. 

For any wholesale brokerages, that consumer awareness and conversion power is a major leg up over many retail operations 

Key Takeaways

Attending AIME events offers brokers a chance to thousands of their peers and attend keynotes from influential speakers. It is also the only mortgage industry event focused entirely on mortgage brokers and the wholesale channel. 

Attending AIME events will let you:

  • Network with thousands of other brokers in person
  • Meet and network with 45+ AIME partners
  • Attend keynotes from industry experts and top-tier speakers
  • Experience countless hours of exclusive content tailored for mortgage brokers
  • Grow as a mortgage broker 

Fuse 2022 (Sept 29 – Oct 1 | Paris Las Vegas) tickets are now available to AIME Members! RSVP now to confirm your attendance: aimegroup.co/FUSE22-study

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