What It Takes to Become an Effective and Influential Leader (with Shashank Shekhar) – Episode 28

Posted April 28, 2020

With a determined mindset and desire to grow his own business, Shashank Shekhar from Arcus Lending came to America with not only the intent to fully accomplish his goals but also to create a long-lasting legacy that will carry on. As stated by Shashank, we should be focusing on hiring for quality rather than only looking for certain skill sets during the recruiting process. He notes that if you’re hiring individuals that align with your values and idea of culture, you can create a sustainable business within the mortgage industry. Tune in to this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the steps you need to follow to become a good leader and the value of learning from your mistakes. 

Show Notes: 

  • Journey into the Mortgage Industry (2:56) 
  • Struggles of a New Loan Officer (9:06) 
  • Organizational Structure of the Business (14:00) 
  • Challenges of Handling Rapid Growth (30:50) 
  • Inspiration to Grow His Business (38:00 
  • Daily Routine of a Loan Officer (41:00) 
  • Work-Life Balance (52:13) 
  • Advice for Loan Officers (1:04:18)
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