Transparency, Communication, and Ease: Cultivating Organic Wholesale Growth – Episode 192

Posted June 11, 2024

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Get the hard-earned customer and client service advice from nearly half a century’s worth of mortgage industry experience, as host Marc Summers is joined by the leadership of Dovetail Mortgage, Chief People Officer Craig Good, and Chief Experience Officer, Robert Benson.

Craig and Robert are an incredible team; they work together to lead Dovetail Mortgage by example, while relying on their incredible mortgage expertise and experience, but also taking full advantage of the freedom allotted to wholesale mortgage professionals. Craig and Robert break down their mindset, mission, vision, and application of an experience-centered business model, while driving home the need to be flexible and always looking for the newest improvements both internally and towards your homebuyers.

“I think we do everything together. We focus on the experience, but that’s not only the customer experience, but it’s the loan officer, the processor; we’re always looking at everything globally, and seeing how we can make it better.” States Craig.

“Everybody knows to focus on customer experience, but you must focus on the other things, too. LOs, Processors, Agents, they’re all different personality types. And making sure that they have everything they need. Give them your time and support.” Says Robert, “We always start off communications by saying. Call me, text me. Even this morning, we got a group text from a loan officer. And we both replied. If Loan Officers understand that the support is there, they’re going to have that confidence to go set a 2-3 week contract. We got their back. We always figure it out. Because of our support, our average clear to close rate is under ten days, and average touches right now are down to 3.5.”

Key Points:

1:16 Getting Started / 50 Years Combined Experience

6:59 Curating The Best a Client Experience

14:39 Face to Face Business

22:43 – Trust and Motivation

31:47 – Putting People First, Internally & Externally

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