Transitioning From Loan Officer to Broker Owner with Ramona Chapman (With Ramona Chapman) – Episode 134

Posted October 18, 2022

This week, Marc Summers sits down with Ramona Chapman, Broker-Owner at JR Mortgage Group. The two discuss Ramona’s start in the mortgage industry, the importance of a well-developed process, and the value that networking events like AIME Fuse can add to a mortgage professional’s career. 

Ramona Chapman got her start in the mortgage world after a successful career in hospitality. While still working in sales for a hotel chain, Ramona decided to buy a home. Realizing the difficulty of the process, she became interested in working in the mortgage industry herself. Her research led her to take a role in retail, where she received her first taste of the business. 

Although she received an offer to work as an assistant to a successful loan officer, Ramona realized she would prefer to work for herself. She and a business partner decided to break into the business in a decidedly bank-dominated area, becoming some of the only independent brokers in that region. 

After about two years as a broker/owner, Ramona feels that she is still learning on the job and honing her skills. However, her success speaks for itself. Between managing the responsibilities of a LO, she must also contend with running a business and managing personnel. When asked how she stays on top of a lengthy to-do list, Ramona says that waking up early gives her the time she needs to get responsibilities out of the way. 

She arrives at the office around 6 AM and sets to work on tasks that she might not have time to deal with later. Then, she is able to make headway on the rest of her day. With 17 people on staff and more incoming, Ramona says organization and delegation is key to running a tight ship. Her goal is to create a work environment where employees are willing and able to educate others and operate with minimal supervision. 

When asked what advice she would give someone interested in entering the broker channel, Ramona says, “just go for it. Lean into it and believe in yourself.” She stresses that the resources necessary to succeed are out there – especially with AIME by your side. Having recently attended her first Fuse event and WMN Summit, Ramona says that the broker community is sincerely supportive, cooperative, and ready to help. “The information available and the community are second to none. I made real friends and real connections – just come humble and be ready to receive whatever advice the community gives.” 


3:00 – Background

7:30 – LO vs. Broker Owner

12:00 – Relearning roles and perspectives

16:30 – Process and tech stack

20:00 – Fuse experience

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