Thriving and Surviving: Strategies for Every Mortgage Market (With Jonathon Haddad) – Episode 184

Posted April 16, 2024

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It’s the Season 4 premiere of Broker to Broker podcast, and we’re kicking it off from the top! Host Marc Summers is back, joined in a momentous conversation with none other than the CEO of AIME, Jonathon Haddad. 

In an episode that becomes an important moment for the broker community, Jonathon very honestly and candidly addresses the current headlines and events taking place within our industry. Nothing is off the table as Jonathon discusses becoming AIME CEO, tangibly supporting the broker community, current issues within the housing industry, and the looming UWM lawsuit, the threat towards brokers everywhere. Jonathon calls the broker community to action to defend, support, and empower themselves & each other, by doing what only brokers can: making homeownership possible for as many people and communities as possible. 

Jonathon goes into further detail of how he and AIME are fighting for the entire wholesale channel:

“AIME is going to extract HMDA data to show you exactly the truth, the real truth about these lawsuit charges, about consumers, and show how much better they are with a mortgage broker. We’re going to fight this with real data, real education, and we’re going to make it very difficult for people to point the finger back at our channel.”

While discussing these high-level issues, Jonathon doesn’t lose sight of consumers, taking time to acknowledge struggles for current homebuyers. Jonathon emphasizes how invaluable homeownership is for so many groups of Americans, relating the current market back to his own personal experiences growing up, and breaking down why it’s important to never lose homebuyer empathy, as it’s a broker’s duty to assist homebuyers in need, so everyone can achieve homeownership. 

While Jonathon discusses tangible efforts, benefits, and resources he’s sharing and providing to the broker community, he iterates that he, and the rest of the broker community are personally there for support:

“You’re a member of our community. Surround yourself with winners. You already know who they are. You already know there’s people dominating in your market, who are more than happy to help you. Find those people, get away from all the noise, and focus on what you can control. The more you do that, the better you will be long term. And that’s what I have is a message to the entire community.”

Key Points:

1:26 – Transitioning into AIME Leadership

3:41 – The Renewed Vision for AIME

9:56 – Homebuyer Awareness Week: Making it Personal

17:01 – UWM’s Class-Action Lawsuit: Defending Brokers with Qualified Data

22:29 – Wholesale’s Call to Action: Serving Consumers as Only Brokers Can

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