Thinking Outside the Box: Growing Your Brokerage By Going Where Others Aren’t (With Amanda Rawls) – Episode 90

Posted November 2, 2021

Amanda Rawls, a Mortgage Broker with Answer Home Loans, has become a top producer by thinking outside the box. Leaning on her experiences as a debt collector, she often takes on complicated Chapter 13 bankruptcy loans, which has allowed her to carve out her own niche within the Wholesale Channel. To keep up her production, Amanda has developed a CRM system that allows her to stay in front of past clients and leads, and even nurture leads who are not yet ready to buy a home.

Amanda started her career as a bill collector, but she quickly found it draining. She left debt collecting to join the mortgage industry because she saw it as an opportunity to help people get into a home. In April 2018, after 10 years with a direct lender, Amanda rejoined the broker channel when she became a loan originator for Answer Home Loans. Now she’s “taking care of others and serving hearts.”

The key to her success? Thinking outside the box. Leaning on her background as a bill collector, Amanda has built a pipeline centered around Chapter 13 bankruptcies where she works with CPAs and bankruptcy attorneys. Carving out her own niche by taking on loans that other Brokers may avoid has allowed Amanda to become a top-producing broker.

Part of that success comes from the relationships she has built as well. Amanda has built up a full pipeline of past clients and potential leads through her CRM. “[Your] CRM is the bread and butter of your business,” she said. With her CRM, she can organically stay in front of her clients with follow-up reminders and personalized gifts after closing. Amanda’s biggest lesson in pipeline management was realizing she could choose who she worked with. That way, she has the opportunity to get to know her clients and needs instead of adopting a “churn and burn” approach that is common in retail operations.

Amanda’s parting advice: Stay true to who you are. When someone decides to get a loan with you, they are working with you because of who you are, so do things the way you want instead of how others think you should. Tailor your process so it works best for you. Ultimately, work hard and be honest and success and business will follow.

Getting into the Mortgage Industry (1:49)
Thinking Outside the Box (7:20)
Building Relationships (12:05)
Retail V. Wholesale (18:30)
Parting Advice (27:23)

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