The Loan-Processing Mindset: Selflessly Doing What Retail Can’t (With Cheryl Dempsey, CEO of Coastal Breeze Processing) – Episode 186

Posted April 30, 2024

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This episode, we flipped the format. For the first time this year, the show goes from ‘Broker to Broker’, to ‘Broker to Processor’ as host Marc Summers is joined by beloved wholesale community member, and the CEO of Coastal Breeze Processing, Cheryl Dempsey.

Though she is a Processor, Cheryl is one of the most active and selfless members of the Broker community, setting the example by putting so much of her time and efforts towards supporting her Broker peers across the country. She takes this energy back to her own work with her Processing Company, Coastal Breeze. She shares how she entered the industry due to how rewarding it was to selflessly work with clients to find success in her business, and upon scaling up her selfless business model, is now experiencing the rewards of growth and leadership.

Cheryl also breaks down everything Brokers should know about Processors: the Processor pipeline, client outreach, when to hand off client files and assistance, and much more. Cheryl speaks to the Broker community directly, giving the tips on how to best collaborate and utilize the Processors they work with and get the most out of their working partnerships:

“Everybody’s first instinct is to go to Optimal Blue and check rates. Then, it’s locating picking the Lender with lowest rate, because that’s kind of what we’ve been trained to do. I would say, instead, work with your Processor. Talk to your Processor. Walk through the loan. Tell us the avatar of that client, what the pain points are. Is it self-employment? Do we need gift funds? Is it a DPA? Let us help you find a good home for that, because it’s not always about the rate. It’s about that client’s experience. Getting them a slightly lower rate via a miserable loan process isn’t it isn’t serving your clients. So let us work with you, and help guide where that possibly can go for newer loans. Once you know who you want to work with, and which systems you like, now is when we’re here to help. We’ll support you on the back end. For new Brokers, really lean into the advice from Processors, because we’ve worked in all of those systems, we’ve seen it all. We banged our heads on the walls with underwriting. We know which lender is going to take what, and we can help make the best experience for your client.”

Key Points:

1:48 Entering Wholesale, and Current Growth Initiatives

6:50 Starting a Processing Company

9:02 Leadership: You Can’t Do Everything

11:54 The Broker/Processor Dynamic

21:21 Wholesale Mindset: Doing what Retail Can’t

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