The Educated Approach: Why Service Wins Over Sales (With Chuck Matthewson) – Episode 190

Posted May 28, 2024

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Learn how to survive and thrive in any market by focusing your service on education, as Marc Summers is joined by Chuck Mathewson, Broker Owner of Mathewson Mortgage Capital.

Chuck has had a long, varied career in Mortgage, having started in retail in 2007, to opening his own brokerage after learning on the wholesale benefit. Chuck has the perfect mindset for success in the mortgage industry: The abundance mindset of sharing, educating, and providing service to his community. Chuck educates, then collaborates and strategizes with his clients to give them the best deals possible, with a focus on their long-term finances. 

Chuck breaks down his exact process for how he guides his clients through the current market, via utilizing DPAs: “As more wholesale DPAs are utilized, it’s going to open the doors of a lot more brokers and consumers. Brokers will be saying ‘Oh, wow…. Let’s start utilizing these more.’ Chuck states “The way I look at them is like this: I do a DPA for a customer today, and when rates come down, they’re going to call me back to refinance, because I gave them the strategy for that. So, necessarily you’re going to keep saying you’ll stay in touch with them, and a year or two down the road, you’re doing that call. In fact, I just did a DPA appraisal for $50,000 over the purchase price, and they’re going to refinance with me one year to the day of closing.”

Key Points:

1:19 Getting Started in the Industry

5:54 Market Comparisons: 2008 to Now

11:49 DPAs: Wholesale’s Missed Opportunity

19:41 – Service Through Education, not Sales Pitches

25:25 – Finding Your Peers & Mentors

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