The Business of Helping People: Using Existing Resources to Help Veteran Homebuyers (With Elizabeth Cassidy) – Episode 180

Posted November 7, 2023

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In this special Salute To Service: Veteran Advocacy Week episode, host Marc Summers gets a comprehensive breakdown of how to become a VA expert, as he’s joined by Fuse VI Panelist, Elizabeth Cassidy, Mortgage Broker with Future Home Loans.

Elizabeth was a highlight for Fuse VI this year, as her statements garnered a few standing ovation moments while she was contributing as a panelist during the headlining session “From all Branches: Ask the VA Experts” from Fuse’s VA Summit.

In this VA-themed episode, Elizabeth gives you the who, what, when, why and where of the VA program. Elizabeth breaks down how to get started in your VA education, where to find resources and community for support, and why it’s important to take responsibility for your knowledge and skillset to do right by the Veterans in your community.

Elizabeth is a wealth of VA knowledge & resources, and is a breath of fresh air, as she doesn’t mince words when telling the real estate, housing, and mortgage communities what they need to hear when it comes to supporting Veterans. 

“The question that you need to ask everyone involved in this VA loan is ‘why was that Veteran good enough to die for you, yet they weren’t good enough to buy this house?’ or ‘Why are they good enough to die for you, but they’re not good enough for you to accept their letter of explanation stating that X, Y, and Z happened?’ I promise you, they’re good people. They deserve the house. I’ll flip a table or two to make sure that that happens.”

Elizabeth also breaks down the industry-wide stigmas that surround VA loans, by naming where these misconceptions started, and immediately de-bunking them with substantiated information. 

Elizabeth has made herself available to our community as a resource, and lets those who can do more to support Veterans know, that the buck stops with them: 

“There’s plenty of resources. Ask questions on the Brokers Are Better Facebook group. Sign up with Vetted VA. Connect with your State Captains, or even try starting with YouTube! If I hear people that tell me ‘I just don’t know anything about VA!’ well, I want to hear what you’ve done to try to learn.”

Key Points:

1:22 – From Air Force, To Real Estate, To Broker Channel

4:59 – 500 Closings in 3 Years and The Jump to Wholesale

9:34 – Becoming a VA Expert, Educating the Community

21:02 – Starting Your Own VA Education

25:32 – Attending Fuse for the First Time

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