The Benefits of Leading With An Entrepreneurial Mindset (with Jason Sharon) – Episode 9

Posted December 16, 2019

From the beginning, Jason Sharon of Home Loans Inc. has exemplified his ability to be a natural-born leader in all aspects of his career. Throughout his journey, he’s owned other businesses and served many years in the US Navy, but nothing could prepare him for the challenges of diving headfirst into the mortgage broker channel. Even though Jason is still new to the industry, he discusses his unique business strategies, marketing like crazy, and understanding that our employees are the greatest resource toward running a successful business. Tune in with our host, JP Hussey, as we learn everything from Jason’s compelling insights to finding a niche within the broker community.

Show Notes: 

  • Learning About Jason (2:00) 
  • Diving Into the Broker Side (3:06) 
  • Switching from Retail to Broker (6:38) 
  • Learning the Industry (9:38) 
  • Running Your Own Business (13:27) 
  • Virtual Assistance (27:18) 
  • Marketing & Branding (32:06) 
  • Expanding Your Business (39:39) 
  • Future of the Industry (49:15) 
  • Advice to Brokers (51:21)
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