Staying Top-Of-Mind With Clients By Building Your Database (With Angela Caputo) – Episode 84

Posted September 7, 2021

Angela Caputo has mastered the art of email marketing. Drawing from her database of 3,600+ clients, Angela sends out a monthly email that updates her clients on the mortgage industry and promotes products like Homebot. Her last email took her roughly five hours to create and netted her seven refinance applications. She builds that database by keeping strong relationships with her referral sources including real estate agents, insurance brokers, and real estate attorneys. By email marketing to her database, Angela has been able to build a consistently successful pipeline.

One thing that makes Angela stand out is her relationship building, especially with her referral sources. Real estate agents are her biggest lead source, but she also gets business from insurance agents and real estate attorneys. She lives by the “if you send business to someone, they will send business back” philosophy.

Once Angela gets those clients, she adds them to her database. Once she has them in her system, she organically stays in touch with them through her monthly emails. A few recent topics included Homebot, insurance leads, updates on FHA’s student loan calculations, and VettedVA. The key to her success? “Being genuine goes a long way,” she says. Angela is careful to never come across as salesy. Instead of reaching out when she needs more business, she keeps up to date them even when she does not expect them to bring her business.

Angela’s parting advice: Create your database as soon as possible. Even if you only have a database of 20 people, it is never too early to start building it. And once you have that database, never stop engaging with them.

Getting into the industry (1:18)
Building Relationships With Your Referral Sources (6:03)
Getting Leads With Email Marketing (13:37)
Angela’s Parting Advice (28:15)

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