Quality Over Quantity: Developing your Broker Brand (With Carrie Johnston) – Episode 121

Posted June 21, 2022

Since 2018, Carrie Johnston has been the top producer in the state of Indiana. Carrie’s constant commitment to growing her brand is an inspiration to upcoming brokers nationwide. For over two decades, she has reigned as an unrivaled authority on the ever-changing world that is the wholesale mortgage channel. In this episode, we get her perspective on realtor relationships, staying up to date with industry trends, and the attitude required to succeed in a competitive field. 

Ms. Johnston left her native Pennsylvania for the midwest while in pursuit of a Psychology Ph.D. A summer job selling airtime door-to-door led her into a brokerage office, where she was quickly scouted by the owner. “I’m a natural salesperson, and I’m very good with numbers,” she says. Carrie fell in love with the job, and 20 years later, her success speaks for itself. A stellar track record with Approved Mortgage granted Carrie a shop of her own, which she has piloted to steady acclaim. 

As a broker, Carrie is known for her meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled mortgage expertise. The key to staying successful for two decades? “Embrace the change,” she says. “Treat change as an opportunity, not a challenge.” The common denominator amongst top producers, according to Carrie, is that, “Everyone is 99% purchasers. They are all competitive, they don’t make excuses, and they seek to control their own destinies.” 

The other factor in generating record revenue is forming and sustaining relationships with realtors. This, says Carrie, is what is going to provide your business with the greatest consistency. She stresses the importance of demonstrating confidence and authority, of making yourself someone people want to know. “Toot your own horn… don’t ask for business, just make it happen.” When it comes to staying top of mind for realtors, Carrie says that showing up at the right times – i.e closings – is huge. But she also says that once you’ve established trust, to let the results do the talking. 

Her advice to upcoming brokers is twofold. Point number one: “Track everything.” Ms. Johnston uses a detailed spreadsheet system to keep tabs on every aspect of the process, increasing efficiency and eliminating errors. The other? Be genuine in your relationships, place your expertise at the forefront, and highlight your value. After all, that’s the greatest point of separation between you and your competition. “I try to approach realtors as I would want to be treated,” she says, “and I can buy my own lunch.” 


(1:25) – Introduction To The Wholsale Channel

(6:45) – Embracing Change

(11:00) – Taking Initiative 

(19:00) – Common denominators for success

(22:00) – Quality over quantity

(29:00) – Parting thoughts 

This episode is sponsored by Guaranty Home Mortgage

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