Prepping for Purchase Season: Perfecting the Right Conversations as an Independent Mortgage Broker (With Rami Daood) – Episode 110

Posted April 5, 2022

Rami Daood, President and CEO of RightWay Lending, was a top producing agent at Rocket Mortgage, earning the Triple Crown President’s Club award. Having grown tired of a numbers-only game, he opened his brokerage In 2021. “The level of care [in wholesale] all the way around is way different. I don’t work on hours – I work on results.” As his business grows, Rami plans to have five loan officers on his team by the end of April.

Rami, a Hall of AIME Visionary Award winner, is renowned for his problem-solving skills while keeping things simple – including his tech stack and elevator pitch. Continuing into the unknown realm of mortgage rates, he asks other brokers, “What steps are you taking to generate business?” Perfect your elevator pitch, including questions such as “What types of qualities are you looking for?” Always stay in contact with the client and build a long-lasting relationship based on a clear understanding of their actual goals.

Rami recommends becoming familiar with your local market as a new Broker/Owner and keeping a growth mindset. “Take a second, slow down – everyone wants to go, go, go, but slow down and implement the things you’re learning.” 

Tune into the podcast now to learn more about Rami’s methods. 


1:40: From Retail to Wholesale Mortgage

14:00: A Simple, But Effective Tech Stack

17:00: Why Brokers Are Better

18:00: The Perfect Elevator Pitch

22:50: Get to Know Your Local Market

26:40: Rami’s Best Advice

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