Planning, Educating, and Following Up: Becoming a Top Producer, and Staying a Top Producer (With Major Singleton) – Episode 177

Posted October 18, 2023

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In this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by Major Singleton, Broker Owner of Major Money Matters, powered by Edge Home Finance. Major is coming off an amazing showing as a second-time panelist at Fuse VI’s most anticipated panel of the year, We Are Mortgage Champions: Top Volume Originators. He’s also coming off yet another amazing year of production.

In this episode, Major breaks down his approach, and his strategy for getting to the top, and remaining at the top. His biggest focus is on education; not just getting in front of audiences that can grow his network, but altering his classes and seminars to his audience, and ensuring that he follows up with every attendee for his courses. This is how he continually builds his network for himself and his team, and this is where he plants the seeds this year for production in the coming year.

Major also shares his biggest tangible takeaway that he could impart on brokers that are looking to grow their business in 2024: “We say this thing all the time about brokers are better. If you believe that, then why wouldn’t you demonstrate that? You have to be direct in talking to realtors and talking to clients, and sometimes you have to connect the dots for them. I had a deal we closed on this past Friday. A bunch of lenders had messed it up; and I say, let’s just go close. Let’s get it done. So we got the application on Tuesday and we were closing the we were signing the following Friday. We get it done, fix everything, and we close. Afterwards, I went over to the buyer’s house and took them a gift, and the realtor was there and said ‘Hey, man, I want to say thank you for doing this. Thanks for stepping in and getting us to the finish line.’ And I said to him, yeah, man, eight days and we got this done for you. This is why you need to send me all your business. And we laughed, but in all seriousness I said, no, man, you need to send me all of your business.”

Key Points:

2:30 – This year’s Fuse National Conference

5:41 – Taking Action Now: Building Relationships with Builders

10:38 – Education with Followup: Connecting with More Agents

17:51 – Top Production in Planning Ahead

25:08 – Be Bold and Ask For Business

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