Personal Branding for Brokers: Why Details, Numbers, and Relationships Matter (With Kurt Brandly) – Episode 191

Posted June 4, 2024

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In this extremely informative episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is blown away by the financial wizardry and knowledge of Kurt Brandly, the President of Greenside Capital. Try not to let your jaw drop along with Marc, as Kurt provides the insight that brokers need in order to be the experts for homebuyers.

Perpetually monitoring the raw federal data of the ebbs and flows mortgage market, Kurt takes it upon himself to share his expertise with the rest of the broker community. Kurt regularly posts and provides predictions based on trends and real numbers that the rest of the broker community can use to guide their business, so they don’t have to rely on headlines and articles made to stir up controversy. He also lends his expertise for a look into the future with predictions for the mortgage market from the end of 2024, into 2025. 

All this expertise and resource sharing leans into Kurt’s personal brand, which is his financial expertise, paired with his desire to share it with those that don’t have it. Kurt breaks down his approach:

“I’m passionate about finance. I’m passionate about money. I’m passionate about gaining long term net worth. When I sit a new client down, I of course, do what we’re supposed to do. I go over their income, assets, credit, talk about their goals. But, I also want to get their emotional side of why they’re buying a home or why they’re refinancing. I go through the whole picture and I’ll talk about things like, ‘I see that you have a good amount of debt, you have $23,000 in debt right now. You’re not really taking care of that. Why not?’ and just be silent, let them open up about what’s going on in their life, and they’ll really give you the picture. They’ll tell you the information you need in order to steer the conversation in the right direction. They’ll say something like ‘I wanted to retire at 55, but I’ve got this debt and everything, and I don’t think that I can do it.’ and here’s where I say ‘Well, if you take cash out, and retire all of that debt right now, then you start taking $200 in your savings, put it into a retirement account, you’ll generate $200,000 for your retirement by the time you get to age 55.’ I’m the guy that wants my clients to know that I know a lot about finances, and that I can really guide them in the right direction. That is my personal brand. That is how I’m unique. That is what I bring to the table for clients.”

Key Points:

1:14 Getting Started

5:48 Comprehensive Financial Service

11:11 Knowledge Share: Personal Finance

16:51 – Future Predictions: 2024 into 2025

22:26 – Personal Brand as A Business Model

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