Perfecting Your Processes: Forging a Path as a Black Female Mortgage Entrepreneur – (With Janine Kempfer) – Episode 105

Posted March 1, 2022

The President of Prime Mortgage, LLC, Janine Kempfer, has more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industries. Despite purchasing her own home in her 20s, she faced challenges and eventually had to rent an apartment with her son a few years later. Having learned the burdens of saving money for a house, she developed a passion for real estate and became a real estate broker while working in corporate America. 

In addition to showing houses while in school, she also originated mortgage loans. When her living situation improved, it was time to focus on the community. After being laid off from her corporate job, she turned to residential real estate full-time and became an AE until the 2008 financial crisis. She switched to franchising and bought a company that rented new houses out to potential homeowners on a rent-to-own basis, then and a Snap Fitness with her husband. 

Eventually, the businesses were sold. “I never look at closing a business as a failure because you learn so much. I’ve learned so much about business, how to deal with people, and about myself – how do I handle adversity, or how do I handle success? If you aren’t seeing success, how do you build on that and make it something more?”

Since opening Prime Morgage, LLC six years ago, Janine has never looked back. Beginning alone, she acquired a team including a third-party processing company, and now she has two assistants, one of whom is her sister. She has remained a consultant for The Franchise Consulting Company. Her extensive background allows her to understand a wide range of aspects of the business. 

As a triathlon athlete, Janine draws inspiration and dedication from her fitness training for her business. Despite experiencing nuisances during her career as a diverse woman, she has always maintained her vision and stayed connected to what she wants. “Get your vision in place, and don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goal. Things will be hard and go up and down, but if you have in your heart what you’re trying to accomplish, nothing can stop you.” 

Janine was recognized as a Sparking Change winner in the Minority category at Hall of AIME. She is most passionate about teaching others about the impact this industry has on the local community while making sure people are educated about the past and present and what it will take to change it. “We have to have a better answer than someone can just Google. Personalizing and customizing solutions for clients is what we do.”


  • 2:30: Intro
  • 8:00: Mortgage Originator, Real Estate Agent…And Corporate America
  • 14:00: Pushing the Limits as a Female Business Owner
  • 32:00: How Brokers are Impactful Educators for Communities
  • 42:00: Advice for New Broker/Owners

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