Perfecting Your Processes: Diversifying Your Mortgage Leads – (With Melanie Walburg) – Episode 106

Posted March 8, 2022

Broker/Owner of Destiny Mortgage Lending, Melanie Walburg, turns to unique sources for mortgage lead generation. “Grow and thrive, think outside the box,” she advises. During the past two years, she has originated over $60 million in mortgage loans in the state of Georgia by connecting with CPAs, divorce attorneys, and clients who have purchased or refinanced a home. “It’s all about the units. Every loan is a potential referral connection for other clients,” she says. Don’t be afraid to offer help to others in the Brokers Are Better, VIP, and Women’s Mortgage Network Facebook groups. As a result of helping other brokers, Melanie has been able to gain referrals.

Melanie is a seasoned mortgage professional with over twenty years of experience. Originally hired as a receptionist for a construction finance company in 1995, she was soon promoted to an executive position. Following, she became a loan officer, then she started her brokerage in 2005. After surviving the 2008 crash, she kept her advice of working hard, maintaining good ethics and morals, and pivoting into the future. “You have to prepare for the lean times,” she advises. 

Keeping honest communication is always important, but during this year’s rising interest rates, it is even more crucial. Keep the listing agent informed of any updates, including when the appraisal is completed and the disclosures are available. Only ask for what the underwriter will ask for – don’t overburden the borrower with paperwork. “It’s all about the experience, for both the borrower and the real estate agent.”


  • 1:30: Intro
  • 6:00: On Becoming a Mortgage Broker
  • 7:00: A Recipe for Longevity
  • 12:20: How to Generate Leads Organically for Mortgage Brokers
  • 20:00: Honest, Open Communication
  • 26:00: BRAWL Spectrum Test
  • 29:00: Gaining Referral Sources from the Community
  • 36:50: Recommended Tech Stack and Mortgage Processes

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