Navigating Non-QM, VA Home Loans, & Successfully Transitioning from Retail-To-Wholesale (With Jerry Avila) – Episode 116

Posted May 19, 2022

After a dozen years of being restrained by limited options in the retail channel, Southern California Mortgage Broker Jerry Avila decided to finally make the transition to wholesale. Jerry believes that no deal should die and that there is always a way to fight and figure things out for the borrower. 

Jerry started out in a similar rate environment as we find ourselves now (Q2 of 2022), and was forced to swink or swim. Instead of focusing on selling basis points, Jerry quickly realized that his path to success was through mastering Non-QM products. He knows that not all families’ financials look the same or fit into the boxes predetermined by the big banks. Being able to take the time to curate the best possible loan scenario for a borrower is one of the biggest attributes that make brokers better. 

While Non-QM is Jerry’s original niche, he has since zeroed in on helping military veterans. As one of the first moderators for VettedVA, Jerry has put in the hard work to be respected by his peers, whom Jerry credits as the main driver of his success. Jerry encourages everyone to look at who they associate and surround themselves with and note whether they are representative of who you want to be. He implores everyone to align themselves with those that passionately care about what they do because Jerry has found these groups reverberate positivity and success between each other. Everyone benefits and grows together. 

And that leads us to Jerry’s parting advice: Nobody here is each other’s enemy. We’re all family, and we should treat each other with respect and help each other succeed. Whether it’s your LOA, Broker/Owner, or fellow Loan Officer in the same town or across the country, we should all be working together to benefit the homeowner, and in turn, each other.


  • (1:49) Transition from Retail-To-Wholesale
  • (10:30) Brokerage Breakdown
  • (17:20) Navigating Non-QM
  • (22:15) VettedVA & Brokers Are Better Network
  • (37:06) Culture

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