Mind Over Money with Brian Cooke (With Brian Cooke) – Episode 127

Posted August 2, 2022

Host JP Hussey is joined this week by Brian Cooke of Sunny Hill Financial. Brian joined the broker channel a few years ago, after a long and successful career on the other side of the industry. In that time, he’s made a name for himself with a relentless pace, unparalleled customer satisfaction, and a diamond-tough work ethic. 

Brian graduated college in 2001, directly in the middle of a crippling financial crisis. Stuck at home with no job, he began dropping off resumes. His first interview led to a job as a closed loan reviewer, which kicked off a nearly 20-year mortgage career. Eventually, Brian felt that he was undervalued by his employer, despite record-breaking production and 16-hour days. One thing led to the next, and he decided to enter business for himself. Now, he runs his own show. Backed by a team of 20+ plus LOs, he regularly turns out a level of volume that would be notable for a team three times its size. 

Part of Brian’s success is his focus and his obsession with the customer experience. He is constantly working on his mindset, sharpening his tools, and developing his repertoire. Almost all of his business is brought in organically because of his reputation.  “I just am obsessed with the overall client experience – I get massive referrals… It’s just working hard, and never being off. I’m always on.” Brian’s commitment is reflected in his incredible response time, which he says is never more than 20 minutes. That speed and dedication is key to the retention and referrals that have skyrocketed his profits. “My performance and being better is what gets me business,” he says. 

For Brian, dedication and mindset are the keys to success. He says he is constantly learning from the experts and actively putting their advice into practice. He recommends reading everything you can about taking control of your mental space and working hard on discipline. His advice to new brokers? “Spend more time on your mindset than your skillset – that’s what’s going to get you there.” 


Background – 3:00 

Rewiring the operating system – 8:00 

Process and stats – 14:00 

Organic referrals – 19:00

Speed the leads – 23:00

The experience difference – 29:00

Closing advice – 32:00 

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