Maintaining Your Pipeline by Layering Systems and Processes (With Fredo Rivera)- Episode 80

Posted August 10, 2021

Fredo Rivera has built up his pipeline through local organic marketing and serving his community. Not only do these efforts bring in leads, but it also serves as his “Why.” Of course, those leads would be nothing without the intricate processes and systems Fredo has developed to help convert leads and continue automated follow-ups over 12 or 24 months. Those processes have allowed him to build out a consistent pipeline so he can better serve his community. 

Fredo joined the mortgage industry in 2004 working as sales manager for a broker. After the market crash, he left the industry and obtained his real estate license so he could start his own real estate company. In 2017, he rejoined the mortgage industry and worked for another broker until 2019 when he left to start RDT Mortgage. He now owns and operates both a real estate company and mortgage brokerage. 

Starting out as a broker, Fredo had to quickly develop a system to keep up with the demand. That led him to adopt a CRM, for him, Liondesk. From there, he used third-party companies to develop automation that would allow him to organically follow up with clients via phone calls, text, and social media. For many of his clients, they were not ready to refinance when he first reached out, but after a few follow-ups, he was able to close the deal. 

Fredo’s advice for brokers looking to build up their processes, start with a CRM. Once you have your CRM in place, you need to map out your processes and set your goals for your team and your business. From there, you can start adding layers to help streamline everything. From there, you can build up your pipeline. 

That starts with communicating regularly with the book of business. Fredo fills his pipeline through leads generated with leadPops, by doing adjustable-rate mortgage resets for his community. Fredo goes to networking lunches, sends targeting probates, and works with local real estate agents. Ultimately, he is constantly on the phone reaching out to clients, but he also carves out time for face-to-face meetings. 

Fredo’s parting advice: Be a servant leader and focus on helping people. The big banks and retail operations are not going to serve the needs of their clients. That is where brokers can set themself apart. For Fredo, it is his responsibility to keep his pipeline full. “You just need to help enough people and it will come back to you.”


Getting into the mortgage industry (1:25)

Building Community (5:25)

Build community, build business (8:20)

Social media (14:27)

Processes and systems (15:52)

Building your pipeline (25:01)

Parting advice (29:35)

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