A Letter from AIME Leadership

Posted July 16, 2020
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Please Read an Important Message from AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa

The last few days since my initial statement, I’ve found myself faced with many tough conversations that I deserve to have to face. I have spent time surrounding myself with industry leaders and some of the strongest women I know, and I understand I’ve crushed the trust that you’ve all had in me. I’m truly sorry. There is no defending or excusing what I did.

My sincere apologies go out to Theresa Niemiec and her family. As well as the entire broker community and the AIME team who have been impacted by my inexcusable behavior. In the moment, I did not think about how my poor judgement would cast a negative light on so many. I am sorry for how my actions have impacted you and I want you to know that my actions moving forward are focused on how I can grow to be a better leader, mentor, father and friend. 

Effective immediately, I will be taking a leave of absence from AIME. The AIME team will be led by our President, Marc Summers and EVP of Strategy, Katie Sweeney. AIME’s mission and focus will not change. Marc and Katie will proudly, respectfully, and with unwavering focus provide support to independent mortgage brokers and the mortgage broker channel.

From the AIME Leadership Team

The work of AIME on the behalf of the broker community will not lose momentum or focus. Our members, the mortgage broker community, are the foundation of this association and we will continue to build on the progress and strides we have made together as a team.

AIME is focused on supporting and serving our 40,000 members, the growth of the channel and opening the dialogue to have candid conversations about how we can continue to grow together.

Our previous statement from AIME President, Marc Summers, is below:

“We would like to take this opportunity to address the statements made by AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa. As a professional trade association with resources dedicated to brokers from all backgrounds in the mortgage industry and a specific focus on providing resources to women in the wholesale channel, we know that these statements are inexcusable and can reassure all members and sponsors are not views that the AIME team supports.

AIME is committed to being accountable for actions made by our representatives inside and outside of our organization. Any loss of credibility is a loss to the channel and is taken seriously and without bias. We are focused on serving the 40,000 members of AIME, the growth of the channel and opening the dialogue to have candid conversations about how we can be better together.” – July 13, 2020

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