Know Your Market: How Building Community Can Make You Stand Out in Competitive Markets (with Cubie Hernandez) – Episode 78

Posted July 27, 2021

Family is at the heart of everything Cubie Hernandez does. Not only does he work alongside his father and his brother Christian, but the company’s name, Mares Mortgage is named after the family matriarch of the family. That family mindset extends to the way he treats his employees, clients, and his local community at large. That approach helps him stand out against large bank lenders in a competitive Orange County market.

Cubie grew up in the mortgage industry. His father, Cutberto Sr., started in the mortgage industry in the late 80s. After joining a retail operation, Cutberto Sr. purchased the retail branch he worked for and turned it into Mares Mortgage in 1993. Cubie grew up watching his parents close loans and during summers he took loan applications and helped fill out lead forms for his father. Joining the industry in 2007, Cubie spent a lot of his early career working on loan adjustments for clients to try to help them stay in their homes. While he took little to no compensation for adjustments, it helped him build a client base he still has today. 

Building community is also important for Cubie. Mares Mortgage’s Mares Foundation helps educate children on “ocean literacy” or the importance of ocean conservation. Personally, Cubie mentors local children and helps them apply for college. He is also a major advocate for the broker community and the importance of brokers supporting each other. “You can’t beat us if we continue to uphold one another and uphold the community,” he said.  

Working in Orange County, Cubie works hard to distinguish himself from competitors in his market, many of whom are major banking lenders. To stand out against Wells Fargo, Citibank, and their peers Cubie not only knows his market but also his opponents. Going back to his years as a collegiate athlete, Cubie is obsessed with knowing his competition. He wants to know what makes them tick and how they think. 

Cubie’s parting advice: “Don’t be a savior.” Mortgage brokers often get into a mindset of having to be a savor and a mindset of conditioning, he said. He urges them to leave that mindset at the door of their brokerage and to not carry that into their personal lives. 


Getting into the mortgage industry (1:51)

Managing mental health and avoiding burnout (11:35)

Building Community (18:08)

Supporting your local community (22:35)

Jumbo loans (29:18)

Cubie’s parting advice (35:33)

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