Individual Effort, Team Approach: Driving Mortgage Business with Branding (With Hunter Bolling) – 189

Posted May 21, 2024

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In this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers learns how to organically grow a mortgage business $11M a year when he’s joined by Hunter Bolling, Team Lead & Senior Mortgage Broker with Edge Home Finance, and Television host for American Dream TV.

Hunter shares his incredible knowledge and success he’s found in team, brand, and business building, while illustrating that remaining successful means never losing sight that his purpose is to serve his community with the best opportunities possible.

Hunter’s brokerage, H.B. Mortgage Team, grew from $0 to $22 Million in its two years of operation. He breaks down how he did this through aggressive team-building & recruiting, consistent social media presence, and most importantly, how he established and developed his community presence via his branding:

“Even if you’re not a team, act like one. People want to be a part of that. My brand isn’t H.B. Mortgage; it’s H.B. Mortgage team. That team aspect is so important for people to feel like they’re being cared for by multiple people, even if it was just me.” Hunter continues “Share success stories. I posted one on Facebook last week, sharing that we just saved a buyer $6,000 in closing costs compared to retail. That was it. I followed up the next week with the same post, but broke it down with more numbers. This brought me four leads. One was even under contract, and we got another loan for them within an hour, locked them, and sent docs out within an hour of posting while doing other things. One of these leads were friends I knew 15 years ago that just saw my post and like we forgot you were in mortgage.” Hunter concludes “$6,000 is a lot of money that allows people to go buy a new couch, bed or whatever they need, and they have a little one on the way… that’s big. You know what you want to offer people. That’s the whole reason I got out of retail, was I wanted to know that I was selling the best opportunity for success.” 

Key Points:

2:08 – From Retail compliance to Wholesale origination

10:16 Growing from $0 to $22M 

15:05 – Wholesale” Selling the Best Opportunity For Success

25:53 – Hosting American Dream TV

30:55 – Becoming the ‘Positive Light’ in Your Community

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