Improving Client Engagement with Face-to-Face Communication (with Peter Galvez) – Episode 4

Posted November 8, 2019


Stop striving to be the most talented, and start being the most committed. Join our host, JP Hussey, as he chats with Peter Galvez, Broker/Owner of United Wholesale Lending, about the value of getting personal with clients, retail security and the importance of continuously changing the way you think. Why are you not getting the realtor referrals you’re asking for? How should you be following up with clients? Galvez brings a completely new element to the mortgage broker industry with his advice on thinking outside of the box to maintain successful business relationships. 

Show Notes: 

Things you will learn: 

  • Getting to Know Peter Galvez (1:42) 
  • Producing Officer & Quality Over Quantity (10:01) 
  • How to Sell Loans & Balancing Your Life (16:26) 
  • Examples on Structuring Deals (23:21) 
  • Working Up Plans (31:43) 
  • Work Your Strengths from Beginning to End (37:24) 
  • Advice to Loan Officers (55:25)
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