How To Intertwine Leadership Skills, Marketing Efforts, and Realtor Relationships To Bring in 250+ Organic Leads A Month (With Jonathon Haddad) – Episode 118

Posted May 31, 2022

At age 22, Jonathon Haddad had become the youngest banker promoted to director at Quicken Loans. By 27, after helping build out their online chat service, Jonathon was promoted to Vice President. Now, at age 30, having transitioned from retail-to-wholesale over 2.5 years ago, Jonathon leads a team of 80 employees and is using his marketing and SEO expertise to bring in 250+ organic leads a month. 

Jonathon admits that leaving Quicken was not all “rainbows and butterflies” but at the end of the day, they did what was best for business. Utilizing the AIME and Brokers Are Better platforms, Jonathon wants to share his expertise and leadership style with the entirety of the Wholesale Channel. Jonathon wants to give back to other brokers and believes this to be the ultimate opportunity to do so. He wants to teach those green to the industry that the broker space is the place to be and make sure that everyone knows that brokers are here to stay.

WIth custom drip campaigns, proper data-tracking efforts and a $300,000 budget for his marketing team’s salaries alone, Jonathon’s major push is for the combination of marketing efforts and realtor referral relationships. His head of marketing, a former content creator for ESPN, the NFL, and the Superbowl, leads an 8-person team of videographers, editors, and SEO experts. Operating under the idea that “you don’t know what you don’t know,” Jonathon and his brokerage’s marketing team welcome new realtor partners by offering to help them with any weaknesses in their marketing plans. Instead of just getting a cup of coffee with a realtor, Jonathon comes to the table with multiple marketing packets for different types of realtors and finds the best marketing plan to match each realtor’s weaknesses. 

Jonathon’s greatest passion within the broker space is leadership. He is addicted to helping others and, in this podcast, shares advice for both fellow trainers and their trainees; Give more, expect less, and adjust your training style to fit the trainee, not the other way around. Provide visual, auditory, and hands-on training, and do your best to give everything you can to every employee, realtor, and homeowner. Knowing guidelines and how to close loans is simply the barrier to entry into this industry. If you don’t go above and beyond to set yourself apart you’re going to fall behind. You have to show up each and every day expecting roadblocks and speed bumps, so don’t just prepare, but embrace these hardships. “My life has not been easy, it does not matter,” Jonathon shares. Independent originators have options. They have full control of their destiny. That’s what makes brokers better. 


  • (2:20) Introduction to the Wholesale Channel
  • (6:00) Transitioning from Retail-To-Wholesale
  • (10:01) Developing Realtor Relationships Through Marketing
  • (23:50) Leadership & Training Style
  • (33:57) Parting Advice

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