How to Develop and Maintain Strong Client Relationships (with Katrina DiBiase) – Episode 30

Posted May 11, 2020

What are you doing to stay top of mind with your clients? Katrina DiBiase of North Star Mortgage Group believes that forming a solid and valuable relationship with your clients is the key to growing your business. Whether it’s meeting in-person to discuss their loan application or delivering personalized gift baskets, you focus on making personal connections with your clients rather than providing just a transactional experience. Tune in to this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about how Katrina maintains a high level of volume and the benefit of doing your research ahead of time to add increased value throughout the loan process. 

Show Notes:

  • Getting to Know Katrina (3:03) 
  • The Loan Process Impact (6:59) 
  • Set-Up of the Business (9:37)
  • Organically Driving Business (17:44) 
  • Overall Client Experience (25:55) 
  • Advice to Loan Officers (35:58) 
  • Future of the Industry (39:26)
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