How David Defeats Goliath: Using Marketing To Beat Big Banks At Their Own Game For A Fraction Of The Price (with Enrique Braunschweiger) – Episode 82

Posted August 24, 2021

Marketing is at the heart of Enrique Braunschweiger’s business. As President of First Week Financial Corp., Enrique has built up a small, but effective marketing team to help him stay ahead of the large retail operations in his area. When he joined the industry 18 years ago, brokers were mostly on their own and were expected to know all aspects of the business. Now with the BAB Network, Enrique can stand out against the big banks and retail operations by pairing those partners with his marketing efforts. 

Over 18 years ago, Enrique was on his way to an interview with ReMax when he accidentally walked into the office of a mortgage broker instead, and he never looked back. Three years later, he started his own brokerage in Southern California. He was also an early AIME supporter, joining the group in its earliest days. 

His key to success? Marketing. Enrique has developed a marketing team with a full-time videographer and a full-time marketing director. Enrique specifically markets to his existing database. Your past clients may one day be looking for a new home or at least they will know someone who is looking to purchase a home, he said. To be effective, Enrique also posts marketing content on his personal account three to five times a day. He uses his personal account because more people follow that than your business page and he posts multiple times a day to increase his chances of catching a potential lead. 

What helps Enrique stand out in those efforts is his BAB Network vendor partners. When he first joined the industry, it was on him to do everything and know everything. At the time, partners were the companies who wrote the largest check instead of a carefully vetted business. That all changed in recent years with the growth of AIME’s vendor partners. Now he utilizes ARIVE and Stikkum to help him manage his pipeline and he uses leadPops,, and Homebot to help him stay top-of-mind with borrowers and leads. Those partnerships help Enrique compete with the big retail operations in his area by offering him the same visibility for a fraction of the price. 

Enrique’s parting advice: Get a mentor or become a mentor for others. Mentorship is so important to the broker community, he said. That mentorship can be formal like an actual mentoring program or an informal phone call every few weeks. Both will further your career. Early in his career, Enrique was able to get mentorship from seasoned brokers and that guidance helped him to boost his business and overall production. Now as a seasoned broker, he pays that back to new professionals entering the field. 


Getting Into the Mortgage Industry (1:52)
Partnerships/Brokers Are Better Network (6:27)
Marketing (18:10)
Parting Advice (35:42) 

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