Homeowner Education, Unlimited Options, and Exploring Non-QM (With Dustin Rosenberg & Jonathan Yoo) – Episode 114

Posted May 3, 2022

Within 6 months of transitioning from retail-to-wholesale, Los Angeles Broker/Owners Dustin Rosenberg and Jonathan Yoo were ranked #14 in Non-QM originations by Scotsman Guide. They have 200 loans in their pipeline at any given time and are signed up with 80 different lenders. With a strong support staff, a solidified tech stack, and an assembly line system, Convoy Home Loans is able to personalize loan experiences for everyone from traditional first-time homebuyers to self-employed jumbo investment property holders.

Understanding that they couldn’t grow without a sturdy foundation, Dustin and Jonathan focused on building a strong support staff before onboarding a bunch of loan officers. A converter belt set of processes and procedures were put in place that makes sure no part of the loan process goes untouched. 

Dustin and Jonathan are the very first people a homebuyer talks to, but instead of just handing them off to the next person in line, Dustin and Jonathan make sure to remain transparent. They let the client know that for a loan to be done as effectively and efficiently as possible, they will need to hand off the next part of the process to a trained and trustworthy LO. However, they also make it clear that they are both available at any time if any questions arise. Whether it’s about figures or terms or cost or rate, their clients can call them directly. Dustin and Jonathan make it very clear that the last thing they want their consumers to feel is hesitant to reach out for assistance. Mortgage Brokers are not just paper pushers. They are advisors whose responsibility it is to carry a homebuyer through their entire transaction. 

While they use LendingPad as their LOS and Shape as their CRM (both Brokers Are Better Network Partners with AIME-exclusive pricing), Convoy Home Loans also utilizes their own in-house spreadsheet to price out all 80 of their lender partners. Dustin and Jonathan admit that it is time-consuming, but optionality is a huge part of what makes brokers better. It’s just not something they were able to provide as retail bankers.

With their focus set on optionality, customization, personalization, and freedom, Dustin Rosenberg and Jonathan Yoo of Convoy Home Loans are the epitome of what it means to be an independent mortgage broker. And for all the other brokers out there, especially those new to the wholesale channel, Dustin and Jonathan want to remind you that you should always be trying to perfect your craft, but don’t get caught up in the day-to-day. Hire to help focus on long-term goals and always remind yourself that anything is possible if you bet on yourself. The worst thing you can do is NOT try. It’s going to be hard work, but bet and believe in yourself and run with it. 


  • (1:45) Transition from Retail-To-Wholesale
  • (14:45 ) Assembly Line & Support Staff
  • (23:07) Luxury Jumbo vs First-time Homebuyer
  • (31:58) Tech Stack
  • (36:23) Parting Advice 

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