Getting Over Yourself (with Jay Bunte) – Episode 135

Posted October 25, 2022

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with a mortgage broker with the Long Gray Lending Team, Jay Bunte. 

The two discuss overcoming the difficulties facing brokers, how to get started in the industry, and the importance of “getting over yourself.” 

A native Texan, Jay Bunte got his start in the industry after an 8-year term of service in the U.S Army and a prior career in oil and gas. With his interest piqued by friends in the mortgage space, Jay signed up for educational courses, got his license, and began working in the industry. 

When it came to learning the technical ins and outs of the industry, Jay was able to draw on his prior military experience and adopt the right mindset. Starting from square one gave Jay an opportunity to learn on the job with a go-get-it mentality. “Nobody wants to fail,” he says, “but you have to get over yourself and try.” 

He also says that his people skills made the difference when it came to getting started – but that even there, he had to learn to manage expectations. “Not everyone is going to want to work with you… but once it clicks, things will take off.” Jay also says that communication – even overcommunication – is key. “It was extremely crucial in the military, having great communication,” he says. “But there’s a big difference between listening and communicating.”


3:00 – Background 

7:00 – Learning on the job 

12:00 – Communication is key 

18:00 – Biggest broker mistakes

27:00 – Discussing Fuse

This episode is sponsored by REMN Wholesale

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