Finding Your Why: How To Cultivate & Balance Culture, Influence, & Sales (with Casey Finn) – Episode 76

Posted July 13, 2021

As a Broker/Owner, Casey Finn places a major focus on culture. Early on in his brokerage, he implemented Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle from his book Start With Why. The concept focuses on a company’s why versus their what or their how. With that philosophy, Casey is focused on culture as the core of his business. That culture not only stretches to his own company but the realtors, lenders, and vendors that he works with. He wants all of them to be #truepartners. That philosophy has allowed Casey to not only build but also maintain an organic return and referral business from past clients and his realtor partners. 

Since the age of 16, Casey Finn knew he had a passion for customer service. His job at a country club saw him handling brides and grooms during their wedding days. That passion followed him through phone sales jobs and a job selling cutting tools to machine shops. Neither of those roles scratched the itch he had to help the consumer instead of being focused on serving the company’s investors. Casey’s wife, who worked as a mortgage processor for a local mortgage business, encouraged him to join the mortgage industry. That’s when it all came together. The industry offered Casey the perfect balance of sales while being focused on making an impact on consumers. He spent the next few months studying for the national mortgage exam, which he passed on his first try. Not long after, Casey and his wife moved from South Carolina to Michigan. Not finding anyone who wanted to take a chance on him, Casey took the leap and opened his own brokerage.

For Casey, culture is everything. Culture is his key to building a brand and building a stable client base.  That difference is what separates an Apple product from Dell, Casey shares, “No one ever says they’re a Dell person.” That philosophy goes down to his brokerage’s slogan: “No pitch, no pressure, just dollars, and sense.” It is not about closing the deal for Casey, he is more focused on helping the consumer understand the complex and stressful process of buying a home. That approach has helped him build a referral business based completely on relationships, instead of numbers. Even when he runs into issues in the loan process, he comes to his client prepared with a solution to the problem.

Casey’s parting words of advice for all brokers: “Life is short, enjoy it. I think a lot of people forget that we have really amazing lives.”


  • Getting into the Industry (1:30)
  • Casey’s Sales Philosophy (10:30)
  • Turning a Client into a Referral (16:12)
  • How to Track Your Referrals (22:40)
  • Handling Clients When Things Go Wrong (28:44)
  • Advice for Brokers (32:27) 

This episode is sponsored by Guaranty Home Mortgage.

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