Expanding Your Mortgage Broker Channel (with Evan Einhorn) – Episode 2

Posted October 30, 2019

Description: What are the essentials to successfully open your own brokerage? Evan Einhorn, President & Loan Officer of Modern Home Lending, dives into the challenges and training it takes to be a mortgage broker/owner with host, JP Hussey. Learning everything from gaining realtor referrals to using social media for branding, you’ll develop the skills you need to engage and grow as a company. Einhorn provides advice and the challenges of starting a business at a young age for listeners to gain a little extra knowledge about the industry.

Show Notes

Things you will learn in this episode: 

  • All About Evan (2:08) 
  • Making the Jump to the Broker Side (13:32) 
  • Challenges of making the switch (19:40) 
  • Misconceptions of brokers (26:42) 
  • Getting Your Leads (30:56) 
  • Lead to Closing Processes (36:13) 
  • Compliance & Auditing (44:58)
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