Episode 175: The Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Freedom & Control to Thrive in the Mortgage Industry

Posted October 3, 2023

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In this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by CEO of Dwell Mortgage and upcoming Fuse VI Spotlight Speaker, Shane Kidwell. Shane has only joined the broker channel at the start of 2023, and he’s already making waves. Shane’s hunger, energy, and drive for the wholesale channel exemplifies what it takes to succeed in the mortgage industry. As someone who has his hands in many different companies and services that he offers, he lives the commitment and effort it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Throughout this episode, learn some of Shane’s secrets, his “special sauce” for how he’s able to create and sustain success in all of his business ventures. He also breaks down how and why he loves the broker channel, after leaving mortgage banking: 

“I always had that bug… that itch to be a full entrepreneur. This year we went full broker, and I’ve got an amazing team of nine and we’re learning as we go. It’s so exciting, because there is nothing limiting me from growth, nothing. When you’re in Retail, it could be your branch manager, it could be your coworkers, it can be products you don’t have. Just pick whatever is your limiting self-belief. But there are things there that really do impede your growth. And so what do you do? You hop companies, you get assignments, you hop companies, and that’s what you do. Now, I don’t have to hop companies ever again. Anything I want is within my grasp. I want to do commercial loans, I want to do reverse, I want to do non-QM, renovation, anything. I can choose to do that and I can align with a great investor partner. So it’s an exciting opportunity. As an entrepreneur, my costs are lower, thus my risk is lower. I have more flexibility, I have more freedom, I have more opportunities. I consider all of this when I say: Why wouldn’t everyone become a broker?”

Don’t miss Shane’s Spotlight Session at Fuse this year, “Unique Lead Generation: Marketing With Zero Dollars”

Key Points:

2:11 – Starting Wholesale in 2023

8:00 – Running Uphill with a Sword: The Jump from Retail to Wholesale

11:22 – The Definition of ‘Entrepreneur’

17:18 – The Secret Sauce: Actions that Matter

25:20 – Closing on Social Media at Fuse VI

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