Episode 172:  Connecting Mortgage Peers: The Processor Perspective

Posted August 29, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, the format is turned on its head. Host Marc Summers goes from Broker To Broker, to Originator To Processor, as he’s joined by Gina Wariebi, Owner/Operator of Innovative Edge Processing, Inc.

Throughout this enlightening episode, Gina and Marc lay out the differences, roles, responsibilities, and current dynamics between Loan Officers and Loan Processors. Behind every Broker acting as the face of the loan, the Processor is working on the backend. Together, the Broker and the Processor are a team, filling all roles to bring a lead all the way to closing.

This is an essential listen for Brokers, as Gina breaks down how to collaborate with your Processors, set expectations, and work as a unit to ensure your clients have the best experience possible. The systemic issues for Processors are addressed, debunking the idea that Processors are Broker assistants; they are true peers and collaborators.

Gina states that she wants the rest of the mortgage industry to know: “We are highly valued, meticulous, motivated, organized, and a critical backbone in your pipeline. We are fully licensed. A lot of Processors are company owners, and are actually licensed in many states – we have to be a mortgage broker, along with an originator. We have to go through the same process as you. We have to take the same classes. We are equal to you. We just choose to be behind the scenes instead of upfront with your clients. That’s just a personal preference. I just want people to know that Processors are as important and essential as mortgage experts as anyone else in this industry, alongside loan officers and broker owners.”

Key Points:

1:36 – Intro, the Processor Perspective

4:56 – How Essential Processors Are to the Broker Pipeline

7:06 – Defining the Roles of a Processor

12:08 – Processors are Peers, not Assistants 

22:09The Future of Processing

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