Episode 171:  Consistency is King: How a Mentality Change Can Revolutionize Your Mortgage Business

Posted August 22, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by Broker Owner of Fast Action Mortgage, Andrew Yanni.

Andrew has his hands in a lot of projects. He’s been a broker for a long time, but only within the last five years did he open his own brokerage. He just moved to a new office location. He’s just now hitting his stride on social media marketing. His tech is hitting its peak of processing. Everything is moving, changing, and growing for Andrew, and it’s all in the black. 

While things are very much on the up & up for Andrew now, he had a familiar story to tell, that the declining market in 2014 made him leave the industry entirely for a time. But, knowing his worth and fighting for his cause, turned his life, his business, and his services around and he’s never looked back. His story lends itself to the best of what brokers can be, fighting through the rough periods of the market to come out the other side thriving. 

“I just basically bounced out of the industry. I tried Amazon FBA. I tried all kinds of side gigs. But I was able to come back in 2015.” Andrew says. “I had my come to Jesus moment, which is basically I told myself ‘I have a degree, I have a masters degree in business. On top of that, I have my broker’s license. I have my NMLS- I’m all in.’ So, I got myself in this situation, but these other brokerages can do it. There’s no reason I can’t do it. Ever since then, I just went full force for myself. I can do it. And ever since then, this mentality change brought me to this point. Ever since then, my business grew and changed with my outlook, and four years later, I have my own thriving brokerage. That was five years ago, and it’s only gotten better since.”

Key Points:

2:12 – The West Coast Market

6:47 – Getting Started in the Industry

11:58 – Starting Fast Action Mortgage

17:18 – Programs and Pipeline for Leads & Tracking

25:28 – Marketing: In-House Content & Social Media Beats Traditional Means

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