Episode 155: Finding Your True, Unique Self as a Mortgage-Focused Content Creator w/ Rebecca Richardson, The Mortgage Mentor™️

Posted March 28, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is given an absolute masterclass on social media, content production, and branding from The Mortgage Mentor™️, Rebecca Richardson!

Rebecca is known all throughout the AIME community and the wholesale channel at large for her expertise in content creation, branding, and social media. She’s been featured on AIME stages and in AIME content due to her success and the hard-earned knowledge she shares, helping mortgage brokers navigate and find success across all social media platforms.

Rebecca acknowledges that often, the content creators themselves are the biggest hurdle to overcome. She shares her two-tiered strategy for content creation and posting, but also, how to approach mortgage-specific content to make it more fruitful for the audience AND the creator: “Let your real self come through. We’re talking about a pretty dry topic. At least look like you’re excited to be here. It’s really more about being willing to be unique and nobody can copy you. So the way that you explain things, the way that you show up, what you think is funny, even injecting humor into those videos – that’s a vulnerable process because you’re putting yourself out there for public consumption, ridicule, all those kinds of things. Until you start getting some of that feedback, you feel like you’re just shouting into the void. But understanding that it’s going through that process, and being consistent, and being willing to do it consistently for three, six months, sometimes longer, there is a payoff at the end because you will find your people. They will find you, and they will identify with you as your true, unique self versus trying to be some persona or avatar or whatever you think that people want to be. Just be yourself. You’ve already connected with people in real life. It’s really no different online.”

Key Points:

1:17 – Then: From Financial Planning to the Wholesale Channel

5:01 – Now: Connecting with Clients Online

8:17 – The Brass Tacks of Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram

13:20 – Content Creation and Posting Strategy

20:12 – Posting Across Multiple Platforms

25:16 – Being Authentic with Your Content & Finding Your Audience

27:54 – Improve Processes & Procedures by Making them Personal

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