Education is Everything: Marketing, Client Education, and Wholesale Recruiting(With Mike Cox) – Episode 187

Posted May 7, 2024

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This is an instant classic episode that has been a long time coming. Learn how to step up your game as a broker, educator, leader, and marketer as host Marc Summers is (finally) joined by Mike Cox, CEO or Mortgage Nerds.

During this episode, MIke references & recommends these two essential books for the broker community to purchase and read:
Chop Wood, Carry Water – Joshua Medcalf
ReThink Everything You Know About Being a Next-Gen Loan Officer – Kyle Draper, Brian Vieaux, feat. Mike Cox

Mike left his two decade-long retail career to become a beloved wholesale community member within just four very productive years. Mike is an AIME leader, a Fuse speaker, marketing guru, and a leading force for VA program and homebuyer education. Mike is more than happy to share his proven advice & strategies for stepping up broker marketing, organic lead generation, network growth, and of course, the best places to find cheese curds.

Mike shares the exact approaches that have worked in making himself two of the most important things in the wholesale industry: memorable, and reliable. Making yourself a valuable resource to your network and homebuyer peers, and making yourself just as memorable with those same people, so you can add them to your network and pipelines.

Mike shares his favorite strategy for this: “I have a metal business card and it looks like a flag. And the back of it, it says our slogan for Veterans: ‘We love our vets every day.’ So, it’s not just Memorial Day and Veterans Day where everybody celebrates Veterans. We celebrate Veterans every single day. So let’s say you’re at an event and there’s ten other lenders there, and everybody hands you their cards. I just hand mine over. I don’t say a word. Yet, 100% of the time, whoever I give it to, they look at me and go, ‘this is the coolest card I’ve ever seen in my life’. People ask ‘why do you do this?’ I say it’s because I know that you won’t throw this card away, and I want you to know how much we care about our Veterans. Now, if you ever run across a Veteran, you tell them that they need to call us because we are the best option for a Veteran, right? It’s a strategic, intentional, thought. So I don’t have to wedge my VA niche into conversations and go, ‘Well, hey, you know, we do great work for Veterans.’ People ask me, instead of me needing to tell them. You know, these cards aren’t cheap, but they’ve gotten us tons of loans”

Key Points:

1:05 – Intro to Mike & Starting in Mortgage

7:14 – Joining Wholesale 60 Days Before The Pandemic

9:51 – Mortgage Nerds & VA Loans

19:57 – The Value of Making Yourself Memorable

29:07 – Advice for New Brokers & The Broker Community

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